My website is recorded by GOOGLE TRANSLATE. Some visitors head for it this way. The offered translations into English are still defective in crucial points, la voie vers le Francais est impratiquable.
I tried in vain to optimize the offered text till now. Did not see any resultat.
I use now the machine translation as a trampolin to find the right words improvising. It still needs 1 to 3 hours.
Therefore I shall produce short versions of some articles .

Songye – Belande -Luba : ‚Nkishi’ miniature


Published 14 february 2017

Original Version:  10 february 2017

What kind of figure?

Songye Miniatur IMG_8314Fetish (Nkishi): openings in the back and navel

Slave: her hands bound together – Felix (100 Peoples) mentions the traditional status of slaves.It cannot be someone else.

Beautiful woman: elaborate noble hairstyle with shaved forehead, straight and quite long neck with three rolls; The woman wears 11 tiny copper nails as ornament: 3 from the nose to the back, 2 to the eyes, 6 to the right and left of the temples; she has expressive bean eyes (elevations plus nails) and a disarming smile like a smiley face .She looks directly at the viewer with raised and marked eyebrows and sharp eyes, Her smile conveys serenity.She is very pregnant with an attractive belly, hollow lower back and nice buttocks.The attitude is impeccable. The master did nothing superfluous: no jewels on the fuselage (So sure, that she is Songye!) Weiterlesen…



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25 janvier 2017|dvg

Keller mit Schrein-IMG_2242Le groupe de figures Yombe a initié, il y a un an, le „Projet Congo“ sur ce page Web mais il n’est y pas arrivé ici jusqu’à ce jour.

Je commence par les descriptions de la femme et du chien pour faire regarder les deux de plus près. Je présente des lieux où on trouvent tels groupes de figures, et je vais finir avec quelques réflexions sur la figure mâle.


Rider on leopard – from the Mbala, neighbors of the Yaka


Published: 17 february 2017

Original version  22 january 2017


A delicate double figure of a land chief, 32 cm high. Dark patina shining red on the edges, dense wood. Condition: Good. It was part of a family treasure. I cannot say how old, as Mobutu since 1965 has modernized and solidified the rights of those who traditionally possessed the ground. A remarkable resistance to the German climate points to an earlier date of making. Weiterlesen…